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What's an Ambassador?

A Shirts Save Ambassador is anyone who loves our mission and commits to selling at least 20 shirts per design. We’ll introduce a new design quarterly for a total of four shirts per year. Each shirt will benefit a different charity, so you’ll be able to help a variety of people across the world.

Why Become an Ambassador?

  1. Just a little of your time can help someone else for a lifetime

  2. Volunteer work looks great on applications for scholarships, college, graduate school, jobs, and more. Let your actions speak about your character.

  3. We’ll recognize your work on our website, so the world will know you’re a superhero.

  4. We don’t know your Aunt Sally, your Nana, or your best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend. But you do, and they would love to hear from you! Help us reach your little corner of the world to extend our reach.

Where Could I Advertise the Shirts?

You probably know 20 friends or family members who would buy a shirt from you, but why stop there when you can help us change so many more lives? Ask:

  1. Members of organizations you belong to, including sororities, fraternities, Bible study groups, leadership organizations, volunteer organizations, etc.

  2. The youth leader at your hometown church to share it with the youth group.

  3. The pastor at your hometown church to share it with the whole congregation.

  4. Past teachers or principals to include a picture and purchasing information in their school newsletter.

  5. People in your neighborhood, apartment building, or dorm.

  6. Random people on the street.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not that we don’t think you’re worth a hefty paycheck. We think you rock! But we’re a 100% volunteer-run organization. Every penny of profit goes to the charities we represent.

Will It Cost Me Anything?

The main cost is a little bit of your time, and that investment is minimal. However, we do request that Ambassadors buy one shirt for $25 each quarter. People are more likely to buy a shirt they’ve seen in person, so we think it’s important for each Ambassador to have one to show people. However, we don’t want this request to prevent anyone from joining our cause, so we make it optional.

How Can I Learn More?

Interested? We'd love to talk with you!

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