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The Vision

Support a New Cause Each Quarter – Shirts Save is a unique charity because we focus on supporting a different charity or cause each quarter. Once a need is identified, founder Sami Evrard creates a new shirt design for the quarterly fundraiser. Each design is available for one quarter only, so don’t miss out on your favorite designs!

100% Volunteer Run – We send 100% of all proceeds from t-shirt sales directly to the quarter’s chosen charity. 

Two Ways for You to Help – Of course, your t-shirt purchase will help! Even better, become a Shirts Save Ambassador and help us spread the word! We would love to recognize your work on our website! It’s so easy to serve, and it will be a great addition to your resume! If you need some inspiration, continue reading to learn what inspired Sami to start this organization.

Sami Evrard, Founder
Sami Evrard, Founder


International Need:  The inspiration for Shirts Save came from a little girl named Dani. That sweet girl is my sister who is adopted from Guatemala. Dani’s adoption has blessed my family in many ways, but one of the most profound blessings started before she even came home. As my mom researched international adoption and learned more about the needs in each area, my eyes were opened to a world that I didn’t know existed. A world in such poverty that mothers were unable to feed their children. Where communities had no access to basic medical care or medications like antibiotics or pain relievers. Where families cooked on open fires inside their one-room, dirt floor homes putting them at risk of respiratory disease from smoke inhalation and severe burns when children accidentally fell in the fire. Where women walked for miles each day to retrieve contaminated drinking water from the closest river. Even areas where families built their homes in the middle of the city dump. The reality was hard to comprehend from my comfortable home in the U.S. I’ve been blessed to travel to Guatemala, Jamaica, and Mexico to see a glimpse of this world. These trips forever changed me and left me with a desire to make a difference. 

Domestic Need: My exposure to mission work further opened my eyes to struggles right here on American soil. As much as I love international missions, I realized that I don’t have to leave the country or even send money outside of the country to bless someone in need. There is need all around us. Some are born into poverty, while others are thrust into it unexpectedly. Others are victims of natural disasters like the California wildfires, Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Katrina. Even worse, the city of Houston that’s close to my home ranks No. 1 in the U.S. for human trafficking. And we probably all know someone affected by cancer or another devastating disease with a cure that has eluded researchers. The list of needs has no end.

How Could I Help:  The overwhelming need left me with a dilemma. How could I choose just one cause to address? I decided that I didn’t need to choose one. By supporting a new organization or need each quarter, I could help countless organizations not only through funding but by spreading the word about their needs. My second dilemma was how to help as one young person with limited resources. I realized I didn’t have to do it alone. I could form a network of Ambassadors who support my ideals and can each spread the word to their little corner of the world. As important, I remembered so many experiences over my lifetime that proved to me how easy and inexpensive it can be to bless someone in a life-changing way. For example, at around $5, a solar powered lantern costs less than a fancy cup of coffee. Imagine that giving up coffee for one day could positively impact a family for years to come. I’ve seen firsthand the joy that a solar powered lantern can bring . Families were so appreciative that I felt guilty about taking my blessings for granted. This experience was one of many that sparked the idea for this organization. Each quarter, I hope to share stories with you that will touch your heart and spark your own personal desire to help. When that feeling hits, consider buying our Current T-Shirt Design or contacting us to Become an Ambassador!

Become an Ambassador!

If you feel that God is leading you to take a step in your faith and pursue charity work, consider becoming an ambassador for Shirts Save. 

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